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The goal of my practice is to help my patients retain all of their teeth, all of their lives, if possible, in maximum comfort, function, health and esthetics.
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The Distinctive Dentistry of Dr. Malick, Sedation Dentist

One of the most important lessons that I have learned from my 37 years of experience is that the majority of my patients are looking for trust and confidence in their dentist. No amount of academic knowledge, clinical expertise or high tech gadgetry can replace this important link between the doctor and the patient. Once this trust is established, all barriers to care including time, distance and cost seem to become insignificant. How is this trust established? With time and effective communication. Many people have called me to ask, “Exactly what is so distinctive about you?" The answer is that I am practicing state-of-the-art 21st century dentistry with good old fashion attention and care of the past. I purposely chose to slow down my practice, see fewer patients and provide quality time, care and attention to those I treat. 

 At Dr Malick's office, expect to be treated with personal attention and care. Expect that adequate time will be allotted to meet the needs of your treatment. You can expect Dr Malick's undivided attention when you are in his chair and his continued availability for follow up care once your treatment is completed. If you are tired of being treated as just a number, then come and experience the Distinctive Dentistry of Dr Malick. Call Today!