•Expert Witness for Plaintiff or Defendant

    •Owner and operator of my own private practice of General Dentistry

    •Sub-specialist in Orofacial Pain/TMD and Dental Sleep Medicine: Hills Physicians Medical Group

    •Currently Expert witness for the State of California Board of Dental Examiners

    Likeable and trustworthy

    •Honest, Confident, independent, dedicated, evidence-based testimony

    •Excellent Time Management and Organizational skills

    •Calm and Composed at depositions and trials

    •Able to Effectively educate and communicate technical issues

    •Able to generate persuasive reports

    •38 years of experience in

            oAll Aspects of General Dentistry
            oBotched Cosmetic Dentistry/Porcelain Veneers
            oFull mouth reconstruction failures
            oDental Implants problems
            oExperienced in the All-On-Four Technique
            oForensic Dentistry and Identification
            oChronic Facial Pain-misdiagnosis and mismanagement
            oTemporomandibular Disorders (TMJ)
            oTrigeminal Neuralgia/Trigeminal Neuropathy
            oTrigeminal nerve injuries
            oFacial nerve injuries
            oTraumatic Injuries of teeth, gums, jaws, lower face
            oOral Pathology/Oral Cancer
            oOral Infections: Bacterial and Viral
            oCrowns and Bridges
            oTooth Colored fillings
            oGum Disease (Periodontal Disease)
            oOral Devices for obstructive sleep apnea
            oOcclusal Orthotic Devices/Bite Guards/Night Guards
            oDental extractions
            oBurning Mouth Syndrome
            oDiagnosis and Treatment plan

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Expert Witness

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