• Anesthesia provided safely by a board certified Anesthesiologist
  • Hospital Level Monitoring of all vital signs for your safety
  • Anesthesia is provided Intravenously.  This is not just a little pill.  
  • In most cases, we can complete your dental treatment in one to two visits
  • Careful coordination with your attending physician for your medical safety
  • Ideally suited for the Anxious/phobic/severe gag reflex patients
  • Dentistry for the special needs patients over the age of 12
  • Patients with complex dental problems requiring multiple appointments 
  • Delivering State-of-the-art dental care using a team of specialists
  • Private Office, out-patient, Personalized and Comfortable
  • Anesthesia normally not covered by medical insurance plans
  • Dentistry covered by dental insurance up to the policy limits 
  • Ask us about our Convenient payment plans  
Sleep Apnea
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Dentistry While you Sleep
      There are a select group of patients who are not able to receive dental care in the traditional dental office setting. For these patients and those who need more involved procedures, we offer intravenous sedation/General Anesthesia. 

"We want to emphasize that, in our office, we are using Intravenous                              Medications, not orally administered pills."

  A highly trained Anesthesiologist (Board Certified Medical Specialist in Anesthesia) administers the anesthetic in a safe and controlled way, while Dr Malick, a qualified sedation dentist, performs the dentistry. Aside from the fact that your anesthesiologist will be devoted to monitoring  your sleep, there are many advantages to Intra-venous anesthesia. For Example

  •  IV sedation allows the doctor to control the level of your sleep precisely with the ability to       quickly reverse your sleep on demand (called Titration).
  • With this method, combinations of drugs are used to control and balance your level of anesthesia allowing your dental treatment to progress smoothly.  
  • Unlike oral medication, your IV also acts as your life line in case of any medical emergencie
  • For your safetly, we use hospital grade equipment to monitor your vital signs  

We carefully screen our patients and select those patients that can be treated safely on an out-patient basis. (ASA Classification I and II) Those patients with cardiovascular, pulmonary, or other serious disorders are better suited for in-patient hospital or Surgicenter setting.  We also bring a team of specialists such as Endodontists (root canal specialist), Periodontist (gum specialist) or Oral Surgeons so that your treatment can be completed with expert care and in the most cost efficient manner.  In most cases, your treatment can be completed in one or two visits.  Once your treatment is completed, follow up visits are scheduled so that a good preventive strategy can be instituted. 

     If you feel you are one of those patients that need IV sedation, please contact us or send us an email with any of your questions.  Since many of our patients come from far distances, we can refer you to various hotels in the area for your stay during the recovery stage of your treatment.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Malick and Medical Staff

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